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From all over the world, 'Passion for Meat' has selected the most delicious and tempting varieties of meat for you as a meat lover and kitchen hero. Get ready for unique enjoyment and cooking delight. Let us take you on a flavoursome journey!

Passion for Meat

The name says it all;

Passion for Meat has been created for the pure meat lovers, the connoisseurs, the gourmets among you! With this selection of exquisite meat products, you can cook and enjoy to the fullest – whether you are preparing simple meals or culinary feats. Whatever it is you fancy. Nothing is average when there is PASSION.

The enjoyment starts with your choice! Shall we go Spanish? Australian? New Zealand? Or shall we stay close to home with meat reared in the Netherlands? Steak or burger?

You can now enjoy the same quality that the better restaurants work with at home, in your kitchen or outside on the BBQ. Frying, grilling or finishing in the oven, you can do anything with Passion for Meat.

All prepared by us with passion, to a quality level that will amaze anyone who has a Passion for Meat!

In addition to the world-wide assortment of Passion for Meat, an ‘Easy Cooking’ line has been set up. ‘Easy Cooking’ is there for those who prefer the better things in life and would like the finest meat made easy.

Easy cooking is quickly prepared whenever you need it, both frozen or thawed. Always tender, juicy and tasty!

Are you wondering where you can buy Passion for Meat products? Take a look at our list of retail outlets. In no time at all, you’ll be enjoying restaurant-quality meat cooked at home with passion!


Our Range


Passion for Meat’s beef range consists of meat from cattle that are allowed to roam freely around the Australian countryside. As a result, the meat boasts the purity of nature and quality is guaranteed.


The Netherlands is known for delivering high-quality veal. That is why at Passion for Meat, we have chosen to use meat reared in our own country for our veal range. Pure Dutch!


The lamb from our extensive range of comes from New Zealand, where the lambs are able to live freely in the countryside and enjoy the grass and clover. Thanks to this rich diet, the meat acquires a unique flavour.


We always choose the best and most flavourful cuts for the various types of meat in our range. The same is true of our pork, which comes from Spain, a country which has a lot to offer in the culinary field.


Our range of burgers is highly varied and offers something for everyone. Like the rest of our range, we choose the best meat for our burgers. Our range consists of four different but very appetizing burgers; the Aussie burger, the Lamb burger, the Iberico burger and the Wagyu burger.


Passion for Meat’s game range consists of various products that will delight the taste buds during the game season. The meat varieties in our game range originate from the best regions of the world and come from different animals.

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