Our products represent ease-of-use, taste, and affordability. With Easy Cooking you can place the frozen meat straight into the microwave or oven. You will always reach the desired result. How handy! When will you start with Easy Cooking?

Passion for Meat

Easy Cooking

Our latest product line Easy Cooking opens a whole new world for every meat lover. Within this product line, a distinction has been made between retail and the food service. What is most important is the ease of cooking. Years of experience and research have led to making cooking an extremely easy endeavor. You do not need to keep your eyes on the meat anymore, and you can prepare it in any sort of machine. The microwave, the air fryer, the oven, no problem! Besides, this product can be prepared at home as well as in a professional setting straight from the freezer.

Within a few minutes, you are able to place a very juicy piece of meat on the table, which was frozen only minutes ago, without any loss of quality. So, what are you waiting for?

Passion For Meat

Made for real epicureans, created for connoisseurs, put together for meat lovers – developed for you! Our unique selection of the most delicious meats means you can easily put something truly special on the table and enjoy it to the fullest. Whether you prefer meat from Australia or New-Zealand, steak or burgers, the products from Passion for Meat ensure a high-quality result.

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Our Assortment

Passion for Meat

Passion for Meat products are made for true meat lovers. That is why we go one step further with our selection so you have many choices between the country of origin, type of meat, and even what kind of preparation method you prefer. Our meat is produced with the most strict standards and animal welfare is of paramount importance. We know what a meat lover like you loves to see!

Easy Cooking Home

Preparing meat is easier than ever before. The products of Easy Cooking can be cooked straight from the freezer. A few minutes in the oven, air fryer, or microwave and you are done. The Easy Cooking products require no oil or fat which makes them extra healthy. Besides, you don’t have to keep eyeballing your food because the required doneness is always achieved!

Easy Cooking Chefs

Prevent annoying delivery times, and save time and money with the new products by Easy Cooking. You can prepare the meat straight from the freezer and it does not have to defrost any more. Plus, a high-quality end result is always guaranteed. The Easy Cooking products can be tailor-made and are perfect for every type of kitchen.

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