Passion for Meat

Learn how to fully appreciate meat with ‘Passion for Meat’. Carefully selected meat products that are easy to prepare. Tender, juicy and tasteful. Perfect for real connoisseurs!


Made for real epicureans, created for connoisseurs, put together for meat lovers – developed for you! Our unique selection of the most delicious meats means you can easily put something truly special on the table and enjoy it to the fullest.

With Passion for Meat products, nothing is standard and the enjoyment starts just by choosing the meat. Whether you go for our Australian products or you prefer Spanish or New Zealand; Passion for Meat products always hit the mark. The same is true if you go for Dutch products or choose a more tender and softer version. After choosing the country of origin, you are not done yet; will you go for steak or burgers? Or do you prefer the soft cuts? Will you choose barbecue, grill or oven?


  • Easy to prepare
  • On your plate in just a few minutes
  • Always tender, juicy and tasty
  • A lot cheaper, with the quality of fresh

Our Assortment

The meat we sell at Passion for Meat is reared in accordance with the most stringent standards for humans and animals. We never lose sight of animal welfare. Being able to graze freely and having space to roam in a natural and/or safe environment are key. After all, quality starts from the onset!

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