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With Easy Cooking, you will make your life in the kitchen a lot easier!

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With the meat products of Easy Cooking, you can prepare frozen meat quickly and consistently. Prevent annoying delivery times, and save time and money with our new products. You do not have to defrost the meat beforehand as it can be prepared straight from the freezer. Besides, the end result is always the same and quality is assured. The Easy Cooking products can be tailor-made and are perfect for every type of kitchen.


Speed up your service by making use of frozen meat that can go straight into the oven without having to defrost.

• The meat can be prepared quickly straight from the freezer, defrosting is no longer necessary.
• The desired doneness is always a guaranteed and consistent end result.
• Save personnel costs by simplifying and speeding up the preparation process.
• A lot cheaper, but just as good as fresh: Always tender, juicy, and full of flavor.
• With Easy Cooking, your products are always in stock with a minimized chance of spoiling.
• Able to be prepared in any kind of professional kitchen equipment suited for the catering industry.
• Long shelf life, no food wastage.
• Logistically friendly; daily fresh meat deliveries are no longer required.
• Tailor-made products are available upon request.


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