Leg of Lamb Steak

A juicy piece of meat with a bone in the middle; it’s perfect for slow cooking. Lamb from New Zealand gets its unadulterated flavour from the grass and clover it feeds on in the wilds.

The most delicious flavour combinations
Of course, lamb goes well with spices, such as garlic and thyme. Or try the combination with balsamic vinegar and oregano. Incredibly delicious!

Box: 2 portions, total 400 grams.

100% Lamb.

Nutritional values per 100g:
Energy 727kJ / 174kcal
Fat 10,8g
(of which saturated fat) 4,4g
Carbohydrates <0,5g
(of which sugars) <0,5g
Protein 19,2g
Salt 0,0g


Barbecue: 15 minutes.*
Turn regulary.

Grill pan: 15 minutes.*
Turn halfway.

* For defrosted products
For the best results, defrost product in the fridge outside of the box 1 day before usage.